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Are you frustrated by a tangle of cables in your home or place of business? You might also be tired of staring at ugly networking equipment. The solution, though, is right in front of you.

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At Expert Tech, we have a wide range of solutions to construct your wired and wireless network with the appropriate home network rack to allow all of your electronic equipment to perform at its highest potential – and it will look good too!

Why Do You Need a Network Rack at Home?

Looking for ideas for a network rack to smarten up your luxury home? Well, using a data cabinet or a server rack is a convenient way to store networking equipment and devices like switches and patch panels, NBN modems and routers, fiber optic internet equipment, power distribution, wireless equipment, and so forth.

Whether you install a custom media room, a home theater, whole house audio or video system, or smart home automation control technologies, a home network rack setup can be extremely helpful. Why? Because it can hold and contain all of the electronic equipment, power, cooling, and cable management that powers these systems.

For homes with complicated networks or a lot of equipment that needs to be kept safe, data cabinets are an excellent solution! But there’s one more thing — even if you’re looking for DIY solutions to set up a home network rack yourself, working with qualified installers like Expert Tech is indeed beneficial for reliable installation and proper recommendations

Home Network Rack & Data Cabinet Installation at ExpertTech

Finding reliable network rack and data cabinet installation services in NYC and Brooklyn can be a bit complicated with the increased demand for smart technology. However, nothing is complicated enough if a company has a qualified team of technicians who use years of experience to handle your network problems.

Expert Tech provides you with an opportunity to take advantage of expert installation services for your home network rack and data cabinet:

  • Evaluation and preparation for new server cabinets

We conduct a network and server cabinet audit on-site at your place. It entails assessing the layout of your home to determine the ideal location and dimensions for a data cabinet; we then analyze your present and future network and wifi needs and identify the main necessities.

As a benefit, we offer data cabinet recommendations based on this evaluation, together with an installation project plan.

  • Evaluation of the current server cabinets

Data cabinets that have not been installed by an expert can be dangerous. This can be a possible fire hazard if there are live electrical wires, cabling not being terminated to industry requirements or redundant equipment placed in them.

Our experienced network engineers will examine your current data cabinet, make recommendations for the best course of action, and help you avoid danger.

How We Plan a Home Network Media Rack Installation?

Even though the setup process of a home network rack might seem complex to you, the way we plan a home network media rack installation will indeed help you understand what this process should actually look like.

Usually, people experience problems as a result of inadequate installation. For this reason, you should think carefully about a few key factors before hiring a random installation company and selecting high-quality equipment.

Here are some factors that you should consider while choosing the right home network media rack:

  • Rack location

The rack needs to fit the space while still being big enough to hold all of your IT equipment. There should be enough space around a rack’s front, back, sides, and top for cooling airflow and engineer access.

In case of water leakage or drip issues, server racks and cabinets shouldn’t be positioned underneath or too close to an air conditioner. But even if you’re experiencing issues, we will help you to choose the best location for installing the rack.

  • Cooling capabilities

In a server room, racks shouldn’t be positioned in areas that are already warm. The general air quality and humidity should be regulated, and the airflow around the rack shouldn’t be constrained.

  • ​​Increased Security Measures

Using a server rack to separate IT servers, cables, and even UPS systems from the general floor area where there are possible trip hazards has a clear health and safety benefit. Installing a rack will improve the safety conditions for the main networking components (network switches, Wi-Fi access points, and routers).

  • Size 

The size and weight of the equipment that will be stored in a server rack should also be taken into account. Any equipment that has been mounted in a server rack requires manual handling and, in the case of tall wall mount racks, operating at a height.

How to Choose the Right Size of Rack?

  • The height – The number of available rack slots serves as a measure of the height of the rack42U, 45U, and 47U are typical heights for floor-standing racks and rack enclosures. Custom sizes up to 58U are also available for some high-density data center applications.
  • The Width – The standard for a rack is 600 mm, or 24 inches, which is also the width of rack enclosures. There are also extra-wide rack enclosures that come with or without an additional depth (most commonly known as 800 mm).
  • The depth – In a four-post rack or rack enclosure, you can typically alter the depth of the vertical mounting rails, but only up to a specific point. A rack enclosure typically has a depth of around 39 inches (1000mm).

DIY Installation VS Expert Installation: Key Differences

Are you wondering how you can install a home network rack by yourself? Then, you should know that most of the time, safe and permanent installation of the data cabinet requires close attention and experience, which is why doing it yourself might pose a threat to health issues and improper functioning of the rack.

Why should you contact Expert Tech’s professional team?

  • You get a team with years of experience in setup, replacement, and maintaining the equipment, including racks for home networks.
  • Increased security and performance by working with us.
  • Our help makes it simple to connect office equipment to the network.
  • We will provide you with up-to-date methods to keep all of your equipment organized, labeled, and locked in one place.

Today’s world is becoming increasingly connected. A decade ago, most people had a laptop or desktop computer that needed access to the internet and maybe a network-connected printer in addition.

But today, networks aren’t as easy as they used to be. Your home is now powered by the Internet, including door locks, climate control, and lighting controls.

It enables us to work remotely, communicate with friends and family worldwide, or select a movie to watch from a library of thousands of options. Luxury apartments and townhomes in New York City start at 3,000 square feet or bigger. That’s why you need multiple Wi-Fi access points extending to over 2,000 square feet.

So, if you want a luxury home in the NYC area, you must use enterprise-grade home network rack solutions for the highest performance and overall convenience. It will not only assist you in streamlining all the procedures but will also be an excellent complement to your “smart home” gadgets.

Get Your Own Home Network Rack in NYC & Brooklyn!

Unless your home is built with every piece of equipment necessary for your network’s productivity and safety, it’s not a truly smart home. Expert Tech’s goal is not just to install the latest technology and make your home look extraordinary. We aim to ensure you have a home that works for you and creates a truly unique experience.

Through our high-performance cable and robust networking hardware, your network infrastructure will always meet and exceed today’s ultra-demanding standards.

Take advantage of Expert Tech’s comprehensive design and enterprise-grade networking hardware solution to ensure your family stays connected all the time!

Seamless Connections for All Your Needs

Have a large property with many devices? A comprehensive design and enterprise-grade networking hardware solution ensures your family stays connected all the time.

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