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Fiber optics cabling is known for fast speeds and reliability
Low Voltage wiring supports AV & smart home technologies, multiple devices and users simultaneously

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Fiber‐optic networks makes streaming, gaming and watching 4k shows a joy

Are you looking to install a new custom home theater, a whole house audio video system, home automation technologies such temperature, lighting and shade controls, home networks or surveillance systems?  Installing properly structured cabling supports a better networking backbone for bandwidth-intensive applications and technologies like 8K ultra-high-resolution TV video, smart thermostats, IOT connected devices, media cabinets, home automation control systems and high-resolution audio. Expert Tech installs high-speed, low-voltage cabling that delivers communications, data, audio/video signals, security, and control commands to a wide variety of devices throughout the home with unsurpassed reliability, accuracy, and speed.   

The backbone of a good A/V control and automation system is the network.

The structured wiring (including copper wiring and fiber-optic cabling) that connect your home’s devices serve as the virtual nerves system for all of your systems. You can think of a home’s wiring infrastructure as the ‘foundation’ or ‘digital backbone’ that supports all of the various technologies in your home.

Pre-Wiring & Low Voltage Wiring:

  • In wall wire concealment
  • Pre-Wire construction
  • Managed network connections and Wi-Fi 
  • Coax / Ethernet drops
  • Fiber optic/Verizon feeds
  • CCTV / video surveillance 
  • Alarm system wiring
  • TV, Cable, satellite and sound bars 
  • Smart home systems
  • Audio wiring
  • In-wall USB and HDMI connections

If you are planning on building a new home or doing a renovation, then pre-wiring is one of the most crucial stages in your construction for all your video, audio, networks and security needs.  With all the recent advances in technology, you can partner with Expert Tech to “future proof” your New York apartment or townhome. We can setup a flexible wiring structure system perfect for all your needs now and what new features you may want down the road. In other words, we can lay a sound and reliable foundation that is robust for today’s tech and for the future to come. 

We are a premier NYC based low voltage wiring contractor that handle almost any request.  We can pre-wire any new home construction or business or re-wire for existing home renovation projects such as home theaters, media rooms, multi room sound systems and smart home automation tech installs. 

Doing pre-wiring for residential projects is quite easy and affordable, especially during the construction phase while the walls are still open, and you can decide which rooms you would like wired. 

For projects that are done on a finished homes or apartments, Expert Tech can open up the walls, lay the wire and cabling and then conceal and close the walls back up perfectly. Our IN-HOUSE construction team will plaster, sand and paint your walls – like we were never there! 

Fiber Optics Wiring – the future of video, audio and data!

By now, most of us have heard about Fiber Optics one way or another. Some devices support fiber optics connections, and some ISP offer fiber optics connection – like Verizon’s 1GB Fios. What does Fiber Optics really mean?

Fiber optics cable is a cable that has a stand of glass in it’s core and can cary data and telecommunication using light pulses. This technology allows for larger and faster bandwidth as well as long distance connections.

Verizon’sFios is a great example for a fast data transmission over fiber optics cables. Many audio devices such as amplifiers, streamers and TVs offer audio transmission over fiber optics for high audio quality.

At Expert Tech we strive to offer our customers the latest technology in every field. That’s why we now offer Fiber Optics cabling or various uses around your home. Running fiber optics is not cheap but it is a great investment if you’d like a fast network connectivity and high end audio and video in your apartment or home!

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