Best 4K Laser Home Theater Projectors: Tips to Choose the Right One

Have you ever dreamt about transforming the process of being stuck at home into a new adventure? Then, you’ll be pleased to know that 4K home theater projectors can give you an authentic theater experience right in your preferred room.[...]
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Smart Home

9 Reasons Why DIY A Smart Home is a Bad Idea

A smart home installation is not a job to be taken lightly. Without the correct guidance from an expert like Expert Tech, you could put yourself and your beloved ones at a security risk. If you are thinking about automating[...]
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AV Receiver For Home Theater

How Do I Choose an AV Receiver For Home Theater?

Selecting the ideal AV receiver can be incredibly challenging. Even when it comes to the cheapest models, it can be intimidating due to a variety of confusing characteristics. Each model is equipped with a plethora of exclusive technologies that are[...]
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What Does a Wi-Fi Access Point Do?

A Wi-Fi access point is a device built to accommodate wireless access to an existing wireless or wired network or create a new network. Wireless communication utilizes Wi-Fi technology. The access point is like a cell tower but with a[...]
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Build Your Ideal Video Game Room in a Basement

Some people can spend weeks in a virtual world, while others are likely to prefer shooter games with friends. The two types are different but have one thing in common – their gaming sanctuary. And if you have some experience[...]
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server rack cooling

Home Server Rack Cooling

One of the main issues homeowners face with networking equipment is ensuring the acceptable temperature – 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit -  in a server rack. Servers and computer equipment tend to heat up when running, and exceeding critical temperatures can lead[...]
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What are Control4 and Savant?

Control4 and Savant are automated solutions consisting of smart devices that can be controlled remotely. Their technology involves: Seamless operation of every device in the hub.Extending the life of household appliances.Convenient control via smartphone.Security systems.Energy efficiency and reducing utility bills.Audio[...]
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Fiber Optics Fail

Beyond the 5 Reasons Why Fiber Optics Fail

How do we define a failure of fiber optics? First, this violates the integrity of protective covers and other structural elements, including optical fibers, through which information is transmitted. Not all breakages lead to a failure, but they can cause[...]
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Lutron Dimmer Switches

Lutron Dimmer Switches – Choosing the Right One

Choosing the right dimmer for different bulbs is very important and can be a real headache if you are not informed. Lutron is a great vendor an Expert Tech team works with. In fact, it’s one of the best when[...]
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