What are Control4 and Savant?

Control4 and Savant are automated solutions consisting of smart devices that can be controlled remotely. Their technology involves: Seamless operation of every device in the hub.Extending the life of household appliances.Convenient control via smartphone.Security systems.Energy efficiency and reducing utility bills.Audio[...]
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Fiber Optics Fail

Beyond the 5 Reasons Why Fiber Optics Fail

How do we define a failure of fiber optics? First, this violates the integrity of protective covers and other structural elements, including optical fibers, through which information is transmitted. Not all breakages lead to a failure, but they can cause[...]
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Lutron Dimmer Switches

Lutron Dimmer Switches – Choosing the Right One

Choosing the right dimmer for different bulbs is very important and can be a real headache if you are not informed. Lutron is a great vendor an Expert Tech team works with. In fact, it’s one of the best when[...]
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Table Conference Room

Which Table to Choose for Your Conference Room?

Every conference room starts with a conference table. It should be comfortable and ergonomic and have no partitions or other elements that will interfere with the collaboration process.  The shape of the table can be anything from oval, square, or[...]
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Is Dolby Atmos Worth It

5.1 Is Pushed Out by 3D Surround System

Perhaps you are wondering whether a new Dolby Atmos is worth it. You might be pretty content with your current 5.1 surround sound consisting of the front left, front right, front center, surround right, and surround left speakers, including a[...]
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What Does a Patch Panel Do?

It's hard to imagine a home without internet access or Wi-Fi. Different people can be in various rooms and still be able to use the same internet connection. Whether you play online games, share files or watch favorite sports, you[...]
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Backbone Cabling or Horizontal Cabling?

Today businesses communicate with people via phones and the internet. We share files, conduct video conferencing, and do so many things without realizing that all this is possible due to network cabling. In other words, routers, switches, computers, and storage[...]
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Alexa-Compatible Devices for Home Automation

Smart home automation is becoming increasingly affordable and popular for people seeking to upgrade their current homes. The best thing about the Amazon Echo and Amazon Alexa products is that they can integrate with many emerging smart home devices.  Here’s[...]
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Conference Room Chairs: How to Choose?

Conference rooms are key to any business or large organization. They vary in purpose. Workshops, discussions of large projects with business partners, presentations, and seminars - all these are held in the conference room. And what can stimulate better absorption[...]
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How to Clean a TV Screen Without Streaks?

The time of tube television faded into the past. And when it came to a routine cleaning at home, nothing was easier than cleaning a glass tube. You could use a soft cloth dipped with a little water or even[...]
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