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Enterprise-Grade Network Solutions is a Necessity in every NYC Smart Luxury Home

Today’s world is becoming increasingly connected. A decade ago most people had a laptop or desktop computer that needed access to the internet and maybe a network-connected printer in addition. Networks were simple. Today, it seems that every device in our lives can communicate with other devices, store data on some remote location, automate some process, or allow us to communicate with each other in new and exciting ways. In fact, it is estimated that the number of connected devices world wide will exceed 50 billion by the year 2020 – that’s more than 5 devices per person on average! 

The IoT revolution (Internet of Things) brought us connected devices such as climate controls, door locks, high-tech home entertainment systems and more. Some of them are more high-end and some can be found in any home. Whether your smart devices connect to the internet or just connect locally on your Wi-Fi –  Networks are the back-bone of all these high-tech, IP-based ecosystems. Now, more than ever, your home (and office) needs a strong and reliable network.

At Expert Tech, we will help design your wired and wireless networks that will allow all of your electronic equipment to perform to their highest potential – and it will look good too! 

Network Media Racks & Cabinets for Entertainment Centers, Home Theaters, and Audio / Video System Equipment 

When you install a custom media room, a home theater, a whole house audio or video system or smart home automation control technologies, a network media rack is setup to hold and contain all of the electronic equipment, power, cooling, and cable management that powers these systems. The centralized components can either be hidden away in a closet, built into the wall or if you prefer, have it mounted in a customized equipment rack in your living room. They hold all number of components including network switches, receivers, HDMI extensions/equipment, Cat6 jumpers, POE managed switch, infinity fans, UPS power devices and more.  Most people think of a Media Rack as a metal black shelf or cage that houses IT and Smart Home equipment. Like so many things, there’s much that goes into a network media rack, and a well designed media rack cabinet makes all the difference in your system’s performance, reliability, and serviceability.

Components of a network media rack include:  

  • Rack Frame
  • Rack Accessories
  • Parts For Specialty Applications
  • Slide-Out Racks
  • Wall Mounted Racks
  • Cooling
  • Cable Management
  • Power Management
  • Network
  • Labor
  • Raised Flooring      

media network rack building

Enterprise-Grade Network For NYC Homes


enterprise-networkExtended Wi-Fi Range and Bandwidth – Is your home over 2,500 sqft? Do you have family members that tend to stream video in far flung areas of your home or multiple devices at the same time. Do you run bandwidth-devouring applications such as Video over IP (such as watching the same video content on several screens simultaneously or accessing camera surveillance footage) for personal or business use at home? Do you ever throw large parties or events and want to offer your guests the convenience of fast and reliable wifi connections. Do you want your home’s wifi to reach the furthest and most distant areas of your property.  

Today’s luxury apartments and townhomes in New York City start at 3,000-square-feet or bigger. Any time you need Wi-Fi coverage to extend greater than 2,000 square-feet, you need multiple Wi-Fi access points, our experience has found that enterprise-grade systems work much better. Most luxury homeowners want a network product designed for their space, or larger, so it can easily perform in their home environment.  

Enterprise Grade Network Hardware- are designed for performance and longevity. and have increased security defenses. Once installed you should have to worry about it and it should outlive many of the devices on the network. Another benefit is the built-in capabilities that allows tech integrators greater visibility into the network to identify problems quickly, remotely, and resolve those problems through programming or design changes.  

Increased Security Measures- enterprise-grade hardware provides for a greater level of security built in to the main networking components (network switches, Wi-Fi access points, and router). 

Expert tech can install enterprise-grade managed wireless access points and repeaters in key locations throughout your home to ensure the highest and most reliable speeds. You won’t have to worry about “dead spots” in your home anymore. 

Through high performance cable and robust networking hardware, your network infrastructure will always meet and exceed today’s ultra demanding standards. 


High-Speed, Reliable Home Network Installation Ensures a Happy and Connected Family

  • Easily manage traffic for AV, security, phone and control systems
  • CAT6 and fiber wiring provide the backbone for today and tomorrow
  • Wired and Wireless connectivity for all the devices throughout your property


Seamless Connections for All Your Needs

Have a large property with many devices? A comprehensive design and enterprise-grade networking hardware solution ensures your family stays connected all the time.