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Which Table to Choose for Your Conference Room?

Every conference room starts with a conference table. It should be comfortable and ergonomic and have no partitions or other elements that will interfere with the collaboration process. 

The shape of the table can be anything from oval, square, or round to U-shaped. What matters is that it naturally fits into the boardroom and doesn’t clutter it up. The optimal distance between the wall and the table should be at least 1 meter. Otherwise, it would be hard to move around without bumping into others. The preferred space between participants should be at least 30 cm. 

Modern tables have round edges since it’s believed to promote equality among attendees. 

When choosing the material for the table, large organizations often opt for wooden models, while smaller businesses choose veneers and laminates. The most important is ensuring that the conference room furniture reflects the general corporate style.  

Previously, Expert Tech has written a blog post about choosing conference chairs. Now we focus on types of conference tables for small, mid-sized, and large boardrooms. 

Tables for Huddle Rooms 

Huddle rooms are the most popular trend today, reflecting the fast pace of life of corporate culture focused on innovation and teamwork. 

The first thing to remember, there’s no need to use bulky furniture in small rooms. They should be approached differently than large conference rooms. Mobility and the possibility of transformation are the main concepts to stick to. 

Oval, Round or Circular-Shaped

The table for the huddle room is an important piece of furniture. The best option would be oval or round (circular) shape models, creating an atmosphere of informal communication. Yet, traditional T-shaped conference tables could work in certain situations. 

Square Tables

A square table typically suits small conference rooms. You can maximize your space by having more than one square table. This way, you can put them together and create a bigger conference table. Like modern modular tables, they are very easy to move around. 

Glass Tables 

The most budget option is a standard glass rectangular table. The table will look good in a small room because it brightens the space, making it look bigger and giving it a lighter vibe. Just keep in mind such a table might be hard to maintain. It will show everything from fingerprints to spots from drinks. 

Conference Tables for Mid-Sized Boardrooms

Like huddle rooms, mid-sized rooms should be simple to operate. These are somewhat between small and large conference rooms, so the shape of tables will vary depending on the size of the office and its configuration. Some offices can accommodate up to 10 chairs, while others 20 and even more.  

For rooms on the middle end of the scale, you may consider the following types of tables.


A good alternative to a square or round conference table can be a racetrack table. These models look like a racetrack with an oval shape. Unlike a round table, it can “envelope” more people. You won’t have a lack of seating, so that each participant will feel comfortable during the meeting. 


A curved table can add elegance and a contemporary look to a mid-sized boardroom. Akin to round tables, they make good use of the corners by fitting the chairs perfectly. Attendees can maintain a safe distance from one another. Besides, they are much more ergonomic. 

Conference Table Ideas for Large Conference Rooms

If you are a large organization with a large conference room, you will need tables accommodating 25-50 people. What are your options?


Rectangular conference tables are best for larger formal conference rooms. These models make it possible to highlight the leader or main speaker at the meeting. Psychologists recommend considering the table length so that attendees sit 30 cm from each other. This allows you to maintain personal space while keeping participants close enough to each other to exchange ideas.

A Long Oval Table

A long O-shaped table will look great in a large and spacious conference room. Round corners save space and provide additional seating for participants. Such tables can often integrate a cable box to keep your AV cables out of sight. 

A corner-free design encourages attendees to search for compromises and express their ideas and opinions freely. At the same time, many people can sit at the oval conference table. 


While U-shaped conference tables come in different sizes, in our view, the best application is a large boardroom. With lots of people in the meeting, it’s hard to engage every participant in the process. But the U-shaped table allows for a clear focal point, easily maintaining eye contact and promoting collaboration. 

Expert Advice 

The material a table is made from plays an important role in fitting the interior of your office. For example, lumber or wooden tables are not only strong and very durable but also classy and give a sense of professionalism in the office environment. Models with a large countertop area can be made of glass. As a result, the whole structure will look light. Conference tables are often decorated with fabric, leather, and metal. 

A good idea for saving space in small offices might be modular tables. Several tables can be assembled into a single table or split into individual tables. 

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