Projector Screen Mounting & installation Services in NYC & Brooklyn

Proudly serving the New York City region for the past decade. If your looking for Projector/ Home Theater ideas,  Expert Tech is here to help your audio video home experiences become reality.

Are you interesting in having a projector screen installed and mounted in your Brooklyn or NYC luxury apartment?  Traditionally when you think of having projectors or 4k projection screens set up it is more common in commercial and educational environments, such as: churches, classrooms, schools, lecture halls, conference centers, night clubs. Over the last few years the popularity of custom media rooms and dedicated home theater setups have made them quite common to see in residential homes, penthouses, and apartments in New York City.  Home audio video technologies keep getting sleeker and thinner, where the old cumbersome TV’s and speaker systems with a bunch of wires sticking out is a thing of the past.  

Expert Tech, a Brooklyn based AV integration company is certified to mount and install high quality projectors and screens from brands such as Epson, JVC, Optoma, Ben-Q, Sony, Screen Innovations and Elite Screens. Projectors come in a wide variety of fixed, mechanical or portable screens to choose from. We also mount and install LCD,4K, Plasma flat-screened TV’s that are thin and light enough to be hung and concealed within a wall, ceiling, cabinet, inside a framed artwork, or rise up from specially-designed furniture by a push of a button. Expert Tech can also set-up, and install a wide range of sound bars, sub woofers, speakers, amplifiers, high-end processors (Marantz, McIntosh, and Sony) that look aesthetically pleasing, and deliver high-performance multi-room audio using equipment that is out of site. Some of the most exhilarating surround-sound rooms are not dedicated cinema theater rooms at all! They’re living rooms, family rooms, master bedrooms and outdoor patios that serve dual purpose functions.




sony screens

From the simple to the completely custom setups, we’ve experienced it all and we can help you every step of the way. No home theater job is to small or to difficult for our knowledgeable AV technicians.

Would you like your media room projector to only be seen when you want to use it, and have it hidden in ceiling when not in use. Then installing a motorized retractable or recessed projector in-ceiling lift can be an ideal screen solution for this setup. In other scenarios ultra short throw projectors offer a very viable solution for multi use Media Rooms. We can integrate a new projector with your existing surround sound system, or install a complete home theater AV setup. 

Reasons to have a Projector instead of a flat screen TV display 

If you are debating whether should have a projector and screen project installed vs going with a high quality large art frame flat screen QLED samsung or OLED LG consider some of these points: 

  • Space-saving design you don’t need to mount a TV. Instead, use a retractable screen and have projector ceiling mount installation performed.
  • Cost-saving you can buy a much larger screen for less money than with a TV.
  • Complete connectivity hook up your Chromecast, Apple TV, video game console, Blu-ray player and any other device for maximum versatility.
  • Safe for kids and pets there’s less of a chance of kids or pets knocking over the equipment. Projectors and screens tend to remain out of the way of harm.
  • Authentic movie experience nothing reminds you of a theater more than a projector screen. Experience the thrill of the movies every time you sit down to watch your favorite flicks.

Every audio video project is different and it can be a little confusing with all the available AV equipment options and scenarios you might need a professional advice to help you decide which solution will work best for your room specifications.  Contact Expert Tech for a free consultation to get started. You can choose powerful laser 4K Ultra High-definition projectors for home cinema capable of delivering ultra-sharp images with a high level of detail and astounding color.   



Different Types of Projector and Screen Installation Setups  

Ceiling Mounted Projector Installation setups    

ceiling mounted projectors

  • he installation area will be inspected to ensure the most ideal and most secure equipment placement is chosen
  • Your new projector will be attached to a ceiling mount and securely mounted on the ceiling
  • The cables will be run to connect your Cable or Satellite Box, BluRay, game console, Media Server, etc. to your new projector and system components will be calibrated for the best performance with the given setup
  • All cables are going to be organized for the clean look and easy accessibility
  • The project work area is going to be cleaned up and all product packaging materials are going to be removed. 

Fixed Surface-Mounted Projection Screen 

fixed wall mounted projectors

  • The media room installation area wall will be inspected to ensure the best and most secure equipment placement 
  • The new screen will be securely mounted to the designated location and existing projector is going to be calibrated for the best performance with the new projection screen
  • After the installation is complete, the work area is going to be cleaned up of all debris and materials. 

Electric Recessed In-Ceiling Projection Screen Installation setups   

electric recessed in ceiling projectors

  • Elite Screens in-ceiling projection screens that conveniently disappears from view when not in use. It can be installed from within the above-ceiling airspace ideal for for non-dedicated media rooms 
  • We will measure and cut the ceiling installation space
  • We will then attach your control unit and connect to your power source

Retractable Projector Ceiling Lift Installation setups 

retractable in ceiling projectors

  • The installation area will be examined and designed to ensure the best and most secure equipment placement is decided on 
  • All necessary cutouts and ceiling reinforcement will be made by our av installation pros
  • The provided lift is going to be securely installed and upper and lower trims are going to be adjusted according to the projector placement and room layout
  • All necessary patch and paint and other touch up work in the installation area will be made to look perfect

Custom Screen and Projector Installation setup 

custom projector installs

Dedicated home theater rooms can be designed custom so that each installation requires extra attention to details to make sure the final setup will perform as planned.  Expert Tech can work with your designer, architect and construction company to make sure the installation process goes as smooth as possible and once everything is complete, our equipment will blend in with your room’s look and feel.  

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