Smart home automation control systems in NYC & Brooklyn Savant, Lutron, Crestron integrations

Luxury home automation control systems for exclusive NYC penthouses, Brooklyn condominium & homes. Expert Tech installs custom home theater, whole house audio & video, security, electric blinds/temperature control solutions.

Infuse smart innovative automation into your luxury dwelling

Are you looking for smart control home automation systems for your luxury NYC penthouse apartment, townhouse, Brooklyn condo or residential vacation home? Expert Tech is a premier high end A/V automation integrator services firm located in Brooklyn that helps affluent New York City property owners to integrate elegant smart tech solutions into their upscale spaces, that can effortlessly control video equipment, TVs, home theater, audio sound systems, thermostats, security, and motorized window shades to name a few.  When thinking about adding smart intelligent tech control systems to your home in Midtown, Soho or Hudson Yards it can be little overwhelming, considering there are a bunch of different brands, (Savant, Elan, Crestron, Lutron, Control4, etc), devices, setups & scenarios, each have pros and cons and address different needs sometimes—and each requiring a conduit to integrate and synchronize with one another. Sometimes programming and troubleshooting are needed.  Life gets busy. Wouldn’t it be nice if your house could make your life easier by managing itself? Well it can!    

There’s a common misconception that smart homes are unaffordable. That a customized technology plan is for luxury properties where all anyone ever does is relax. NOT TRUE. In fact, you know who benefits the most from thoughtful, personalized home technology? Busy, on-the-go, plugged-in humans with complex schedules and needs. We can make technology work for you.




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Why High End Smart Home Automation for your New York City Residence? 

A simple analogy, can you remember back in the 60s and 70s, when you had to change the channels on a tv manually (I know you might be to young to remember), back then channel surfing and adjusting the volume meant jumping back and forth between your couch and console? Although the baby boomer generation that remembers these outdated modes of control may not have realized it then, this was highly inconvenient and inefficient. Now fast forward to the era of the handheld universal remote, where we find all the necessary buttons and voice control needed to find and watch a TV program right at our fingertips or voice activation.  A whole home automation system offers that same kind of convenience, but on a much broader scale, and often Instantly responsive to touch or the sound of your voice. A complete smart home system engineered to become invisible, so all that remains is the experience. Experience the very best in luxurious smart-home automation with solutions designed and installed by Expert Techs’ professional integration team. Elevate your unique lifestyle with intelligent smart home design.

Expert Tech provides premium solutions for home automation, climate control, motorized shades, entertainment systems, video door buzzers, multi-room audio & video, universal smart home remotes, access control, and networking—all of which can be unified and simplified by from a single, intuitive app.

Expert tech’s NYC home automation integrator services in system design, programming, installation and maintenance all performed by our in-house team. 

Listen, Light, Feel, Entertain, Speak, Command  

 By utilizing state-of-the-art smart home technology automation solutions in your New York City residential dwelling, it can give you customized command, automated personalized features and total remote access control of your living space from anywhere. Monitor every residence from anywhere. Let in a guest. Arrange for a delivery. Check security cameras, turn on the lights, turn on the AC before you arrive. All from your mobile device.      


Comfort & Efficiency  

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It used to be that keeping a home at its most comfortable state while still being mindful of energy use can be a challenge when you’re forced to adjust thermostats, position shades / draperies, and turn on and off lights manually. Well not anymore! Step into the 21st century!  Imagine with just a tap of a screen or voice command, the lighting changes, the rooms adjust to your preferred temperature, the smart motorized shades glide open, your bedroom music begins to fill the room and slowly wake you up. Incorporating window blinds in home automation systems helps to protect your belongings from the sun’s harsh rays, increase your home’s privacy, and reduce energy usage while bringing a unique elegance to your décor.

Ultimate Entertainment Experience    


High end home automation applications allow you to be in control of how you want your home to function; whether you want added relaxation or to transform your home into an entertainment oasis—or somewhere in between—it’s entirely up to you.  For example, from the mobile device, tablet, keypad or touchscreen you use to monitor and operate the lights, thermostats and other electronic gear, you can tell your home’s music system to deliver songs from your favorite music streaming platform to speakers in the family room and kitchen. Or imagine you are having an exclusive soiree your guests might convene in the entertainment media room where with one tap of a button the lights fade, the shades lower, and the surround sound audio / video system sets up to present a movie on a big projection or LED screen television. Make cutting edge technology home automation the ultimate reward for the people who matter most.   

Centralized Distribution  

The power of centralized distribution, as part of a luxury home automation system, puts you in total command of your smart home technology with all of your equipment located in one convenient centralized location. Listen to different sources in different rooms, watch different shows throughout the house, or bring it all together for a party mode and listen or watch the same thing everywhere. By replacing the clutter of multiple devices, outdated light switches and thermostats scattered randomly throughout the home, you can not only have technology that is easier to use, but enhanced functionality that is not available with multiple stand-alone systems.     

High-End Automation Control Installations 

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When most people think about having a luxury automated home technology system installed, the incorporation of scads of different high-tech equipment such a Seura Mirror TVs or multi-zone sound systems is often the first thought that pops in people’s heads. While the installation of the best-in-class AV products and network systems is certainly an important part of the process, there are many other steps that should be followed to ensure that the system suits all of your needs. 

We have a couple suggestions for you to think if your wanting to make your residence a smart home.  

What are your hot button areas? 

lineToday’s homes/offices have an increasing number of electronic systems that can be difficult to manage as separate entities. In most households, an automation system can make a huge positive impact, but only if you first determine which areas of your life could benefit the most from the technology. Do you envision it as a management solution to your family’s exorbitant use of electricity or wifi data bandwidth? Or perhaps you see it as a way to better manage your busy household? Or maybe it’s simply the ability to incorporate music into every room of your house. Or would like a luxury automation system that seamlessly integrates with other whole electronic home systems such as home theater, distributed A/V and security for a complete solution.

Think about the areas of your home and life that could use improving or added enjoyment. Having a well-defined focus can help when it comes time to select and design an automation system for your home.  In order to provide a customer with technology that will truly enhance the convenience, comfort and entertainment value of a home, Expert Tech technicians needs to learn about how you live in your house today, what you would like to improve, and how you envision life in an smart automated residence, among other details.

Gather some ideas

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If you’re unsure of what you really want out of an automation system, or even if you already have a fairly good idea, you could visit an NYC experience center showroom of a home automation manufacturer such as Savant , Lutron, or Crestron. Here you’ll be able to experience the technology first hand, get the full picture of its capabilities, see how it enhances the look and feel of a room, and try out the controls for yourself. The benefits can make it easier for to envision a system in your own home and will likely introduce you to new features and functions you may have not have previously considered. You’ll also gather a sense of how the technology can be integrated in a way that complements your home’s design and décor.  

Set up an In home House Call Consultation

When we conduct a free in-home consultation at a persons home, we strive to be professional and following a consistent and transparent process. This way you know exactly what to expect throughout all phases of the project and have a clear understanding of how your technology goals are brought to life. The project process can entail steps such as initial concept through design, product procurement, construction, installation, upgrades and services.

Our consultations start with relaxed conversation where we learn everything about your needs and preferences so we can design a system curated just for you. We’ll take the time to learn about your lifestyle, interests and budget or space constraints. As we learn more, we’ll be able to better tailor the ideal functionality and capabilities for your system. The size, structure and design of your home, whether it’s being built or already finished, and the devices and systems that you may already have, will all impact the decision on which types of technology to incorporate; for example, hardwired or wireless, types of subsystems, special features, etc. During this first visit to your home an Expert Tech consultant will walk through the entire residence and inspect areas like basements, attics and closets for locations to stow equipment and run cabling. Before or after the tour of your home, you can expect very direct questions about the sorts of features you’d like to incorporate.    

Smart home system proposal and design 

The next step is taking the information from the initial discovery meetings to craft the design for your system according to your performance priorities and budget qualifications. This overview proposal gives an overhead explanation of the subsystems for each room. It outlines the features and functionality you can expect from multi-room audio, video, motorized window treatments, and networking. We’ll discuss it with you and integrate your feedback before moving on to the next stage. This will be the project specifications which include your specific budget qualifications and performance expectations by creating an easy to understand scope of work document. Which will include more detailed plans about the hardware models, labor requirements, low-voltage wiring, engineering schematics and rack elevations. We can share this documentation with you as well as any property managers, contractors, architects or interior designers involved in the process.  

 Equipment Installation Process   

From new builds to retrofit and refit installations, top-shelf products and attention to detail are the cornerstones to success. After the system has been designed and configured and the necessary low voltage cabling is pre-wired behind the walls, our passionate and certified technicians should be ready to install the automation components. The structured wiring will be neatly labeled and fully documented for easy troubleshooting and expansion. This will likely include an equipment rack, as well as keypads, touch screens, speakers, TVs … basically anything attached to the walls, ceilings or floors. 

At this point, it’s just a matter of hooking everything up and trimming it out by patching drywall, applying fascias to flat-panel TVs and painting over built-in speakers. 

Why Work with Expert Tech? 

We create the best conceivable system, at the most competitive price possible. When it comes to installing cutting-edge audio-visual / automation systems, people want total control and peace of mind. Expert Tech works with trend setters. entrepreneurs, executives, professionals athletes, musicians and other Manhattan tastemakers. 

Get a free Consultation Today     

We can help by placing total control of your living space in power of your hands using touch and voice.  Think of all the things you can do in a New York minute when you’re home takes care of itself. Talk to an expert today that will customize a system for your luxury home. Great projects start with great plans! Let our team of experts find the right solutions to meet all your needs, for projects from commercial to residential. Send us a few of your details, and one of our friendly and knowledgeable professionals will reach out.

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