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Expert Tech designs and installs custom media entertainment rooms for apartments, town homes and penthouses in NYC, Manhattan and Brooklyn. Multi room AV systems

Are you considering a custom audio/video media room design installation project in your luxury New York City high rise penthouse, or Brooklyn townhome or condo? Entertainment rooms and home theaters have turned out to be extremely popular remodeling projects in the last few years.  Thanks to both their enjoyment factor and the fact that they can add to a home’s resale value. We can revamp and redesign any boring NYC living room into a magical center piece that breaths new life and delivers cinematic entertainment that transports excitement through high definition sound and video. Expert Tech has been designing high-end entertainment media room installation projects in Manhattan, NYC and the surrounding boroughs for many years. Expert Tech, located in Brooklyn is one of the leading theater room installers in New York City area. Get the professional perspective on your new or existing media room setup. To get the process started all you have to do is contact us for a free in home consultation, and one of certified media room pro installer contractors will be in touch to set up an appointment. 

Expert Tech’s Media Room Advantage   

  • Licensed AV installation contractors
  • Professional on-site media design and installation
  • Premium sound, lighting and video components
  • Complete training and technical support

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NYC Custom Home Media Room Design 

Now if your NYC penthouse, condo, townhome living space does not have a room or area that could be transformed into a dedicated home theater, the next best thing is to turn a den, a great room, family or living room into a multi-purpose media room. You can turn your living room into an entertainment area where the whole family can hang out and play games, listen to music, stream your latest series on Netflix, or watch a movie on cable together. We can engineer hidden screens and speakers that descend from ceilings, hide inside framed artwork, or rise from specially-designed furniture.

Now depending how complex the theater media room project is, we can work with your architect, interior designer, general contractor / builder, electrician during each phase of the construction or remodel while assuring that all parties follow and execute their work according to our AV system design and plans. If you want special cabinets or custom mill work that would need to be built out by a high-end finish carpenter or cabinet maker. 


Expert Tech installs different types of flat wide-screen television displays (Plasma, LCD, LED, HDTV, 3D TV) with surround sound audio systems, as well as hidden screen or drop-down projection set-ups that can transform  any family or living room into a theater and it can be controlled at the touch of a button. Expert Tech also installs a variety of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers to handle all of your surround sound stereo experience needs as well as keeping the home entertainment equipment hidden and concealed so you only see and hear it when you want to. We also provide discreet TV mounting solutions, projector screen mounting & installation and drop down screens that can seamlessly blend in perfectly with the rest of your room décor — all of this without sacrificing the quality of your audio and video. With the ease of a remote or touch-pad, you can access and share variety of video sources including (streaming services, Apple TV, game console, regular cable networks, as well as media servers) thru your network distributing video across multiple TVs in your home.  

Expert Tech’s home media room installation projects are designed specific to our clients needs while also maintaining a vital balance of budget, quality and visual aesthetics that compliment the homes decor.  

Media Room vs Dedicated Home Theater 


During the first consultation phase our goal is to listen to your thoughts and ideas, answer questions and provide unbiased advice on equipment, technology, design and installation options. Our home media room professionals will help guide you through remodeling ideas, tech specifications, and more.  We also advice on the best possible room for your entertainment space, a couple of factors to consider are light and sound. This is even crucial when you are building a fully dedicated home theater. With a dedicated theater you will want a space where you’ll have as much control as possible for these factors. A media room on the other hand is a multi-use type area where a comfortable sitting arrangement is more conducive to family and social interaction. Since there is not as much control over ambient light, a motorized window shading solution may be required to prevent glare and create an optimal viewing experience. A media room allows for a more flexible use of space and may require a smaller budget, particularly since that space can fill multiple roles, which can also serve as a game room, kids gaming area for Fortnite battles, etc.  

Having a budget range in mind can be helpful for NYC AV home theater integrator for a few reasons.  Having budget transparency for the project will allow Expert Tech to be able to choose products and systems that will fit within your budget range.  We’ll help you identify the right equipment for your project and provide an installation estimate.   

We have expertise in creating fantastic sound and video experiences even in small, compact spaces, as we are well versed in managing media room installations in NYC.  Here are some of the options for choosing audio and video components as well as accessories that could be incorporated into a customized entertainment room remodeling project. 

Large Displays and Projector Screens


Now whether its a 65” Seura Mirror TV, a Sony OLED screen, a Panasonic 4k ultra HD or a Bang & Olufsen Beovision Harmony TV, these are a few of the top smart entertainment viewing options for your unique media room space. For custom media rooms set-up with video projectors, there are a wide array of film screen options to choose from.  Some of the top brand manufactures include Screen Innovations and Display Technologies that provide useful solutions for all your projection needs. The options range from motorized lifts, fixed mounted screens, anamorphic, electric retractable screens, recessed in-ceiling, masking, 4K-ready, acoustically transparent, flat or curved, zero gravity to supersize TV’s, which gives a lot choices. There are a number of variables that can effect the screen size for your home theater such as room dimensions, or your choice in projector or 4K TV.  Not sure what would be the best option no worries, Expert tech’s professional technicians can help advise you on which type of screen is the best fit for your space that will deliver crystal clear picture in ultra-high def quality. 

Sound Speakers/Acoustics 


Your investment on quality audio video equipment is fully maximized when you have a perfect acoustics for your room to sound as it’s meant to sound. Some of the best surround sound systems are the ones you don’t notice, but simply enjoy. Quality audio enhances the home cinema experience … it immerses you, pulling you deeper into the experience. We offer a wide selection of professional quality speakers with surround-sound multi-channel stereo that are perfectly positioned and balanced during your media room installation in NYC.  Some Flat screen TVs have become increasingly slim by compromising sound quality.  Expert Tech has surround sound options for todays flat screen TVs that restores and enhances the clarity and richness of the audio experience.  Choose from soundbars, in-wall/in-ceiling, and floor standing speakers for the best surround sound experience for your home.

We are certified installers of some the top brands such as Dolby Atmos, Heos by Denon, Sonos, Sonance, JL Audio, Bose or Triad level speakers. We also create the perfect acoustics for your space, so that all the equipment sounds at its best. The Sonos 5.1 or 7.1 surround systems are quite popular options.  Learn more about distributing audio throughout your entire home. We can calibrate each speaker to the room and your preferences.

Automated Shading / Lighting 

Lighting control system in your media room provides the perfect ambiance for watching television, reading a book or entertaining guests day or night. We create different scenes, based on your lifestyle, so that you can get the required light level and scene with just one touch of a button. Incorporating motorized blinds & shades with luxury home automation systems is also useful tool for creating the perfect ambience for the media room. It allows you to manage natural light on your terms that also can preserve delicate furnishings and artwork that may be in the space.    

Some of our entertainment & media room services include: 

  • Custom TV, Plat Panel, Projector installation
  • Speaker System Installation: in wall, in ceiling, free floating and in floor speaker systems
  • Custom Rack Systems:  for receivers, dvds, home theater equipments
  • Custom shelving and niches for home theater
  • Custom Surround Sound Installation
  • Structured Cabling for all components; We keep your home organized for easy use.
  • Out dated?  We can renovate and get you back to date with all your equipment
  • Professional A/V Concealed Wiring

You Deserve Immersive Entertainment Experiences  


Our professional AV team designs immersive entertainment spaces that offer high-performance sound, audio and gaming solutions without sacrificing your decor.  A vision starts with listening. We begin by understanding your lifestyle and observing your home’s architecture, which leads to collaborative process to create a holistic plan to balance to function, aesthetics and budget to make your vision real. 

You Deserve Beautiful Entertainment Spaces

Expert Tech’s AV integration team designs immersive home media room spaces that offer high-performance audio, 4k video and gaming systems without sacrificing your Manhattan luxury apartment’s decor.

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