Custom Home Theater Design and Installations in NYC & Brooklyn

Expert Tech is a well respected designer of custom home theater and full AV surround sound media room system installations in New York City as well as Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx.  Whether you are looking to install a Sonos speaker sound system, mount a flat screen TV or projector, whole-house audio / video system, a new media room or a home theater design project for your residence, Expert Tech has got you covered.  From initial consultation to design to installation, we create smart home experiences that are built around your unique lifestyle. We can transform your den or family room into a custom media room with audio and video streaming integration and technology, or design a personal in-home theater using the latest home theater products and systems.  Having a cozy, fun place to bond with your family or close friends is the perfect compliment to your home and lifestyle for the ultimate cinematic experience. Enjoy 4K high-definition video and enjoy the simplicity to control all of your content such as Netflix, Hulu, satellite, cable, and more all from a single remote or by voice command.   

Custom home theaters can come in all shapes, sizes, configurations and budgets. A home theater could be a dedicated viewing room in your home with a fixed projection screen, high definition projector, Hi-fi surround systems, floor standing speakers, seating and acoustical treatments.  

It could also be be a multi-purpose room that that doubles as a family room by day and a theater by night with a drop down screen and projector that may be hidden at any time. It could be a surround sound system with a flat panel TV on the wall, a sound bar and recessed speakers.

Smart Display Screens

A Sony OLED screen, Seura TV or Display Mirror, or Bang & Olufsen art piece are just a few of the leading smart entertainment options for your unique space. 

Impressive viewing screens and televisions from our innovative partners deliver crystal clear picture in ultra-high definition quality. Bring all the family together to enjoy watching movies and shows in immersive audio-visual experience.  


Our design and installation team have experience with audio, video, speakers, lighting systems, smart home automation, interior design, structured wiring, home security and more. We specialize in home theater design installation in New York City, and we can walk you through and educate you on the whole process.  From consulting on which is the most ideal room to create your home theater, equipment selection, media cabinets, the construction build-out, high end home theater furniture and design, to professional service and support. Over the past 5 years Expect Tech has completed hundreds of home theater room projects, with the privilege of serving high-end clientele such as executives, Wall Street titans and professional athletes. 

custom home media room design NYC

Are you looking for an estimate or consultation on designing a custom media room or home theater system in Manhattan or Brooklyn?  Contact us for a free consultation today. 

The Home Theater Process 

Initial Consultation 

Every project starts with an initial consultation when we first meet you and discuss your needs, ideas, goals and budget for the home theater or media room. We can make suggestions such as which is the best room for a custom home theater installation and the specific choices of features and components. We will suggest screen sizes, projectors, types of speakers and placement, special seating, special acoustical wall treatments, media cabinets, as well as hardware equipment, amplifiers and audio / video processors that complete the surround experience.  Whether it’s a dual-purpose custom media room featuring the latest 4K TV, streaming audio video integration technology, in-wall surround sound or a super-thin Sonos soundbar, or whether its a full dedicated home theater featuring a laser front projector and full Dolby surround sound and seating. We are here to make your home’s entertainment experience come to life.    


Design and Proposal 

After our initial conversation, we propose a system design and custom project quote that is built around the goals of the project.  We can also make suggestions of what features to add or remove to stay on budget. If you like our design plans we’ll finalize the project, and get to work. If it needs more tweaking, the conversation will continue—and the proposal will be refined as needed until we specify the perfect home theater or custom media room for you and your family. Once the design is approved, if you have a contractor or interior designer we can coordinate with them on the finalized drawings and make sure we work in sync with your timetable and your project runs smoothly.   

Equipment ordering and materials   

Once the contract has been signed, we then will start the process of ordering the equipment that will be used in the project. We only recommend and install the latest-industry leading products from the most respected brands. And depending on the project scope, a team of custom home integration professionals may come out to your home during the beginning phase of the construction to open up the walls to install structured wiring, speaker blackboxes, media cabinets and other structural components which are required for the custom installation of your media room or home theater.  

Installation home theater set up 

After Expert Tech has obtained all the materials for the project, we can begin the process of installing and setting up your home theater room system. We can take care of everything from bringing in the equipment, custom furniture, hanging the Ultra HD, 4K 3-D, LED screen to installing cables, inwall speaker placement, media cabinets, audio / video equipment, audio/visual calibration and everything else that you need.  We install high-quality structured cabling components that will connect all your audio and video systems as a single, integrated system of wiring. The most favorable advantage to structured wiring is that it has a central location to which all the cables from individual systems are directed, with all the wiring for phone, video, network, and TV bundled together. All cables will come in to a central wiring panel, in a media rack equipment cabinet (audio/video components optimized for the size of your room) which makes it easier to troubleshoot and make changes.  




Our job isn’t over once your home theater system has been successfully installed. We stand by our work – so if you are ever having trouble using your system or believe that you may need some maintenance tasks performed, we are here to help.

Is it Time to Plan Your Next Great Project?

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