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Expert Tech outfits NYC corporate offices, conference rooms, buildings, retail, restaurants, showrooms and businesses with easy to control automated & integrated audio / video technologies, digital signage.  

Expert Tech’s designs and installs integrated audio & video solutions for NYC corporate workplaces and commercial offices located in Midtown Manhattan, downtown Fidi, and Brooklyn.  Set your business apart by installing smart intuitive audio and video technologies that aid growth and facilitate more collaborations. 

The enhancements in technology over the last decade has enabled a remote work collaboration phenomenon that spans nearly every industry and continent. C-suite executives and managers of various business units now realize the value of teleconferencing, leveraging distributed global teams and online huddle rooms that create opportunity and improve efficiency. Having a seamless technological work experience is now more crucial than ever. Boost performance, enhance meetings & connect with confidence with our conference room AV Solutions.

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Cloud collaboration also happens every day, and having the ability to remotely connect with  off-site employees across the globe is paramount, but also means organizations need to upgrade conference call AV integration tools that support remote work collaboration.  

Our commercial enterprise audio visual NYC installation solutions provide ultra-high resolution video imaging, crystal clear audio, multi-user screen-sharing, acoustic systems, work-place analytics, collaborative tools and more. They can be setup to integrate with and improve video call conferencing platforms such a Zoom, Go-to-Meeting and Skype for business  — even Facetime, FB Messenger and Google Hangouts — which gives a seamless technology experience where nothing gets lost in translation.   Stream zero-latency, uncompressed 4K video, complimented by high-quality audio, to any or all of the displays throughout the enterprise, including remote locations.

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So the visual effectiveness of digital conference or presentation room space is dependant on so much more than simply the size of the projector or tv screen.  Lighting, shading screen placement and orientation are important but sometimes overlook other components. 

Visual effectiveness of digital conference or presentation space depends on much more than screen size. Lighting, shading, screen placement, and orientation are critical but often overlooked components. At Expert Tech, we consider every element and every detail, which means flawless function and the right aesthetic for your organization.

From interactive displays, flat panel smart TV’s, crystal clear screens, and HIFI speakers that can be installed to seamlessly blend into your offices interior design, controlled with voice and touchpad options to create the perfect ambiance for your New York City commercial space.    

Captivate your team and clients with cutting edge high-performance 4K multimedia switching of local and remote sources outputted to displays and projection systems optimized for clarity.    Your time is precious, so don’t waste it fumbling with the lights or finding the right cable for your laptop. Let everyone who enters your boardroom or executive office know you mean business with smart technology that turns on the lights, draws the shades, adjusts the temperature, and powers up the AV system as soon as you walk in the room.

Upgrade the audio in your conference / boardroom AV experience

An effective conference room design requires the right balance on audio video technologies. Whether your sales person or partner is negotiating a contract or pitching a new project presentation, you should never have to deal with un professional experiences such background noise interference, static, and echoes. One of the most common conference room AV design mistakes we see is microphone placement. Depending on the type of microphone, placement determines its behavior. Some microphones are designed to be installed into or suspended from a ceiling. Benefits of using these microphones include: 

  • Superior voice coverage across a room. 
  • Removal of a microphone from a table, or deck, which helps prevent feedback from user-created noise like shuffling papers or typing.
  • Elimination of wires and other tech clutter, which creates a more natural experience and enhances a conference room’s appearance. 

Some high-quality microphones feature internal digital signal processing (DSP) to distinguish our voices from remote voices and background noise. Having a standalone DSP unit in a conference room is crucial, and microphones with built-in DSP improve the overall conferencing experience.  Expert Tech’s team of custom electronics professionals can evaluate and optimize the audio acoustics of your space, sound-proof doors, and windows. We can also install tactical microphones, high-quality speakers and echo cancellation. When you and employees speak, you will know you that your voice is coming through loud and clear.

Huddle and private meeting Rooms 

Whether your teammates need a place to huddle quickly to review a presentation or to collaborate with a couple of remote colleagues, we can set up your huddle spaces to work for you. Connect remote workforces and increase collaboration with video conferencing.  

  • Share and present information with ease
  • Connect wirelessly with different devices
  • Brainstorm efficiently as a small group
  • Utilize high-definition video and immersive audio during meeting


Audio distribution can be the difference between a great and awful conference room experience  


It is said that volume drops by 50% every three feet. Adding a smart Sonos or Savant soundbar under the flat panel TV display can suffice for small rooms, but for larger or longer conference rooms should have multiple speakers in-ceiling or in-wall speakers to deliver more even sound across the room.  

AV technology solutions for industries include:  

  • Retail
  • Restaurants /bars 
  • Office buildings/ Coworking spaces 
  • Hospitality / hotels 
  • Showrooms 
  • Fitness / spa
  • Multi-unit high rise apartments 

Commercial space smart automation services 

Discover the many ways automation can be seamlessly integrated into diverse commercial dwellings. Combining thoughtful craftsmanship with smart efficiency, responsive design optimizes the capabilities of each unique space.   

  • Commercial Integrations- monitor and operate technology from a central hub to facilitate daily tasks.
  • Business Surveillance System –modern security through precise footage and analytics.  
  • Wi-Fi / Enterprise Grade Networking –reliable high-speed internet connectivity for full control of your facility.
  • Structured wiring system installations – build infrastructures, supporting the latest voice, data, audio, and video technology, to meet or exceed all standards.  
  • Climate control & automated shades – embrace energy efficient design for maximum comfort with voice-activated shades and smart climate control. Stylish dependability for a consistently luxurious atmosphere. 
  • Distributed audio / video – navigate all your media content from easy-to-use touchscreens or keypads.

Turn your New York City workspace into smart office by installing innovative technologies to provide your staff, clients and guests with a stimulating environment that’s arguably more productive, efficient and comfortable than any other office space in the city, and where coworkers are able to openly collaborate and share ideas digitally.


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