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In-Wall vs. In-Ceiling Speakers – What You Should Know

Are you having a hard time choosing between in-ceiling and in-wall speakers?

No one argues that sometimes it’s hard to make the right decision as they both provide you with the ability to create a great sound experience in one or several rooms of your lively house. That’s why it’s critical to understand how the two differ from one another, what advantages they offer, and how to use them best if you’re trying to make the right choice based on your needs.

So, do you think it’s challenging to think about installing whole-house audio systems in your house? If so, you should be aware that nothing is impossible with the assistance of an appropriate company! 

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What Should You Know About In-Wall Speakers?

In-wall speakers are rectangular-shaped speakers installed inside your walls. They can act as additional front and rear speakers, your left and proper speaker channels, or as a continuous sound source for several rooms.

Besides, in-wall speakers are bigger than in-ceiling speakers, which fire downward from the ceiling. In-wall speakers have both positive and negative sides. Analyzing both will help you decide which type of speaker is best for you and your home. 


High-Quality Sound

In-wall speakers are larger, meaning they have greater space for additional sound technologies and features. Compared to in-ceiling speakers, in-wall speakers have much better quality sound.


You can locate them anywhere you want. Any wall would benefit from in-wall speakers. They may be high or low and located at the room’s front, rear, or sides. There are outdoor in-wall speaker options as well.

Greater Soundstage

In-wall speakers can fill a big room with sound and fill the space between rooms, which is also fantastic for entertaining. If you often plan parties and love having fun with friends and family, these speakers will give you a fantastic experience. 


Higher Cost

Single in-wall speakers are slightly more expensive than single in-ceiling speakers. However, many benefits come with this additional expense, but they might not be affordable for everyone. The high price is usually what makes people say no to in-wall speakers.

Big Size

Another disadvantage of in-wall speakers may be their size. Most in-wall speakers are 8 inches, compared to 6.5 inches for most in-ceiling speakers. Because they are bigger, the proper positioning becomes crucial. Their size shouldn’t detract from the atmosphere of your room.

What Should You Know About In-Ceiling Speakers?

Ceiling speakers are excellent for enjoying your favorite music. They can provide you with the same immersive surround sound experience as you may get in a concert hall or live performance. They enhance your favorite sounds; the best part is that they are hidden from your line of sight.

However, let’s take a look at the positive and negative sides of in-ceiling speakers:


Fits Your Room Design

If your room’s design is fundamental to you, your house will look great with in-ceiling speakers. No matter where they are, they won’t change the appearance of your room. They fit perfectly in every room.

Multi-Dimensional Sound

They have multi-dimensional sound, meaning that with in-ceiling speakers, your sound will reach very far and fill the room with more sound. In-ceiling speakers give your sound more height, regardless of whether your sound system consists.


It is better when speakers are heard and not seen in every corner of your room. That’s why the ceiling is a fantastic place for them. In comparison to in-wall speakers, they are smaller and more compact, which also helps to make them less noticeable.

Easily Affordable

In-ceiling speakers are much cheaper than in-wall speakers. You may add as many in-ceiling speakers as your budget allows and arrange them wherever you like at a very reasonable price.


Small Soundfield

Compared to in-wall speakers, in-ceiling speakers are more compact. It also means they have a smaller sound field than in-wall speakers, which might not be a benefit to you, depending on your needs. In this case, in-wall speakers are the ones you should choose.

The Necessity for More Speakers

Since in-ceiling speakers are smaller and have a limited sound area, purchasing a number of them is advisable. They are available in sets, although a set costs almost the same as a single high-quality in-wall speaker.

In-Wall vs. In-Ceiling Speakers: Main Differences

So you need to choose whether you want in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. You already know the main differences between these two. Let’s sum up the main advantages and disadvantages of both types of speakers:

  • In-wall speakers are mounted on walls, and in-ceiling speakers are on the ceiling.
  • In-wall speakers are substantially larger and produce higher-quality sound than in-ceiling speakers.
  • Although in-wall speakers are more flexible and capable of being mounted on any wall, they are more expensive and harder to purchase.
  • Because of the added dimension, in-wall and on-wall speakers are more frequently utilized in surround sound configurations. They also offer a better stereo experience for listening to music. 
  • Compared to in-wall speakers, which are significantly more expensive, in-ceiling speakers are more affordable.

Our Verdict — In-Wall or In-Ceiling Speakers?

Even if each choice has advantages and disadvantages, knowing what you want in a speaker will make it simpler for you to decide. Select ceiling speakers if you wish to install a multi-room music arrangement. They will assist you in establishing a pleasing environment and blending harmonic sounds. 

However, installing in-wall speakers has several advantages over installing an in-ceiling sound system. First of all, installing an in-wall speaker will be simpler and take less time. It also has a wide range of sound and much better quality. However, keep in mind that they are expensive and should be saved.

Whether you choose an in-wall or in-ceiling speaker, you can count on Expert Tech. Why? Because our team provides high-quality solutions for installing in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. Moreover, our main goal is to do everything according to your wishes and fulfill your needs. So, we will recommend the best options possible! 

For additional information, don’t hesitate to contact us any time! 

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