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Commercial Audio/Video

ExpertTech USA is a leading professional in designing and installing Commercial Audio/Video solutions in New York City, with proven experience in restaurants, stores, bars and office spaces.

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Conference Room

Conference rooms

Conference Room setups for small to big offices including conference cameras, large conference screens, distributed audio solutions, microphone array bars and all the conference software you’ll need such as Zoom, Meets and more.

Multi-Zone Audio

Multi-zone and Multi-room audio systems including speakers, amplifiers, mixers and audio matrix. Our commercial audio systems will allow you to play different music in each of your rooms or playing the same message for your customer throughout the facility. The flexibility is yours!

Video Matrix solutions

Video displays and multi-channel TV setups for bars, restaurants and stores! Our commercial video solutions will allow you to entertain your customers, display important notifications to staff or visitors, or use your screens as interactive presentations.

ExpertTech USA is your one stop solution for the commercial audio and video world. We will take your project, small or big, and turn it from a dream to reality faster than you can say ExpertTech USA!