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How to Clean a TV Screen Without Streaks?

The time of tube television faded into the past. And when it came to a routine cleaning at home, nothing was easier than cleaning a glass tube. You could use a soft cloth dipped with a little water or even your window cleaning spray. But can you use the same technique to clean a TV screen like an LED, LCD, and OLED? Definitely not! 

In this article, Expert Tech will discuss how to clean your flat-screen and what you shouldn’t do to avoid streaks, scratches, or any other damage to your TV. 

How To Clean an LED TV Screen 

Unlike tube TV screens, LED screens are a different TV tech. Made of lots of little diodes, it isn’t glass but a two-layer material with a liquid solution between them. When you touch the screen, you can feel how it kind of sags, pointing to its delicate nature. This means you need to use a different approach to remove dust from such a screen. So how do you properly clean an LED TV screen?

We know you might be tempted to clean your screen with whatever cloth to hand. But the only right way to protect an LED flat screen from unwanted scratches is using a soft and dry microfiber cloth

First, unplug your LED TV and then wipe gently from right to left and then again, from left to right and from top to bottom, over the surface of the screen. You can also buy a screen cleaning liquid set with a microfiber cloth and a brush. 

By the way, you use the same tip to clean an LCD panel. The only difference between LED and LCD is that the latter uses fluorescent lights. Other than that, the screen technology is pretty similar. 

How To Clean a Flat Screen Without Scratching or Damaging It 

Whether you have an LED, QLED, LCD, or even an OLED TV, it’s out of the question that it’s a flat screen. And all flat screens have one thing in common – they are very delicate and fragile. 

So if you want to remove fingerprints or other signs of a viewing party from the last light, make sure to use a microfiber cloth. Avoid using paper towels or rags, as they have little fibers that will leave scratches on your favorite screen. So with the right cloth, you can remove fingerprints and smudges in circular motions. 

What if some dirt is still left on the screen? In this case, you can use distilled water sprayed on the cloth. However, never spray distilled water or a specialized cleaning solution directly on the screen to avoid the water getting into the edges of the screen and damaging it. 

How to Clean the Right Way

It’s natural you want your TV screen to look spotless. Clean flat TV screens can add more coziness before a big game. Yet sometimes, it can be tricky to get rid of the food or drink stains. Although with the caveat, here are some tips to help you out. 

  • An equal amount of water and household rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) may help. Many commercially available screen cleaners contain isopropyl diluted with water. The most important is applying the solution on the microfiber cloth and not directly on the screen. Never use glass cleaners because they contain ammonia and alcohol harmful to TV screens. 
  • Consumer report states that a dish soap in the appropriate proportions  – 100:1 – can help remove annoying stains. On the other hand, for example, Samsung warns against using soap with acetone, ammonia, and benzene. 
  • Although it’s best to stick to dry cleaning methods, in some situations, you may use electronic wipes to get smudges off your TV. They are also designed for a variety of other tech equipment. You may consider Miracle Wipes or Weiman Electronic and Screen Disinfecting Wipes on Amazon. 

How to Clean a TV Screen Without Microfiber Cloth 

As you see, there are reasons why microfiber cloth is the best for cleaning a smart TV. An ordinary rag contains particles that can damage the protective film covering, while microfiber is made from synthetic fibers that are not treated with chemicals. But what if you need to clean your TV screen immediately but don’t have any microfiber at your fingerprints?

LG recommends using a soft and lint-free cloth you typically use for your tablet, phone, and computer. You may also try using any soft and dry cloth, given that you don’t press hard on the screen. 

If you need to remove dust, electrostatic dusters might be the best replacement for a microfiber cloth. A light touch should do the job. 

Nailing Down What’s Been Said

Before cleaning, unplug a smart TV to protect yourself from electrocution. Dirt and dust are better visible on a dark screen.

  • Wipe the screen by removing dust with a soft, lint-free cloth;
  • Don’t press hard on the screen, as the soft and bending LCD or LED matrix is ​​easy to damage;
  • Don’t spray liquid on the screen; 
  • Apply the liquid to the cloth and then wipe;
  • Use damp but not wet microfiber cloth;
  • Use cotton swabs to clean the edges of the screen and the panel;
  • Use clean clothes for each cleaning to avoid streaks;
  • Don’t turn on the TV until the screen is dry.

And don’t forget to regularly clean a TV screen to ensure a bright and high-quality image throughout the lifespan of your TV.

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